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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Hangover

Hi all, apologies for not writing for a few days but I have been busy - honest!  After an awesome night out on Saturday, and the inevitable hangover on Sunday (but totally worth it!), I have been trying to get back into writing book two.  Managed to get a few hundred words done today and I hope to do more tomorrow.  I have also been making more maps (se below), there are more journeys ahead for my merry band of misfits and I wanted them to have somewhere interesting to go.

Need to say two things first though, to get them off my chest as it were:-

1.  Iron Man 3 is amazing.  Really.  Believe the reviews, it is another fantastic Marvel movie, everyone should see it, NOW!!!  I really hope that they continue to pull it all together with the Star Wars universe.  The trailer for Thor 2 looks great too.  And Kick Ass 2.

2.  What's up with Dr Who this series?  We had some pretty poor episodes, then the reasonable one with the ghost that wasn't, and then this last weekend it was poor again.  I was so desperate to watch it when I got  home on Sunday, and yet again I was disappointed.  I know they are building up for something with Clara and who/what she really is, and the 50th special in November will be amazing (Rose at the cinema in 3D - yes please!), but they seem to have messed up a bit since Christmas.  Just one guy's opinion.

Anyway, rant over, on to the badly drawn maps!


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