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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Half term week

Hi all

I am not going to be around much this week, it's half term and the kids are at home with me, so quiet time in front of the computer just doesn't happen.  Having lots of fun though, got a Badminton set from sports direct (only £15 with a net and 4 racquets - bargain!) and the weekend and yesterday was sunny so out in the garden all day!

Saw the Hangover part 3 on Saturday, my 15 year old enjoyed it but I just didn't laugh that much, the best bit was during the end credits just like in previous films.  If you liked the other two it was probably worth it, but if you've seen a couple of trailers don't expect any funny surprises.

If I get chance I will edit what I have done of book 2 this week but I won't commit to doing anymore writing until next week.  Hopefully I am on the home stretch now and hurtling towards the end.

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