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Monday, 13 May 2013

Knightfall free days

Today is the first of three consecutive days where Knightfall is free for Kindle - click on the links below if you haven't already got it, trust me, it's awesome!!!



As of about 4 seconds ago, it has been downloaded 81 times, including by customers in Japan and Germany, which I think is pretty cool.  Not quite the thousands that I was hoping for, but it's a start.  I only hope that

a) some of them read it; and
b)some of them enjoy it and/or review it (even if they don't like it, all feedback is useful).

On another plus, I somehow managed to write 5050 words today, which is the most I have ever written in one day.  I'm putting it down to the position of my chair (I finally managed to get the lever to raise the chair up so I'm not straining my neck to see the monitor!), so if anyone moves my chair from its current position there'll be hell to pay!!!

And finally, if you are due a phone upgrade, check out the Galaxy S4 - it really is awesome (as is the book, honestly).  Got mine yesterday and it does everything my S2 did, only faster and prettier somehow.  Well worth the price (which was free, but that's beside the point).

Follow me on twitter if you are interested in how many copies get downloaded (and really, who wouldn't be?), I am sure I will be tweeting about it over the next few days.  I'm sure that I sometimes say funny or interesting things on twitter too, but that isn't guaranteed, disclaimer or whatever, does not guarantee to entertain or inform through twitter!


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