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Friday, 5 April 2013

OK, first post on my first blog!
I set this up to (hopefully) generate some interest in my new book (Knightfall, a YA fantasy adventure tale and the first of a series - check it out at  It went live three days ago on amazon and kobo and I have been trawling the interweb trying to find places to promote it and hopefully get someone to read it!
It has been passed around friends and relatives who have all said 'yeah, it's great' and 'wow, awesome book' but how much of that is just because they are friends and relatives?
I want to do this for real, write the books that I want to write and hopefully that people will want to read, and earn enough to pay my bills along the way.  I have no desire to be rich and/or famous, what I want more than anything is for a complete stranger to say 'hey didn't you write blah blah blah?  I really enjoyed it, when's the next one out?'
Is that too much to ask?  Maybe, it depends on how good the book is I suppose!
Anyway, hopefully I will post here intermittently and spread some good news about the life of a self published author, and hopefully someone will take the time to read it.




  1. I'm one of those friends. My son is 9 and loved it. I should reassure you Rob that at that age, he isn't very good at pretending to like things that he doesn't or sparing people's feelings!

  2. Thanks James
    Good to see you all yesterday