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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Blue October

Another good day at the keyboard, 1800 words done on chapter five today and I'm happy with almost all of them!  Ben and his friends do keep making some foolish decisions, but I suppose that's where the drama lies.  It also helps that I know where the story is going, and as they say about hindsight, its always 20/20.  Anyway, if they were to hide at home under the bedclothes and wait for life to get better, I can't promise the narrative would be half as interesting.

It might make an interesting side project though - make a compelling story about a 15 year old boy hiding under his bedclothes, trying to avoid any sort of interesting things that might be happening in the outside world.  If there are any readers of this blog out there, send me your first drafts by Friday....

And keep it clean, please!

Listened to some Blue October today whilst waiting to pick my daughter up from school.  Another awesome band, give them a listen if you haven't heard of them - check out Hate Me, it's one of my favourite tracks ever.

That's all for today, I'll be back at the keyboard though bright and early tomorrow morning!

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