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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New book trailer

Just a short post tonight, I can smell my dinner cooking and I am ravenous!  Made a new book trailer today with animoto - free video with music and text up to 30 seconds.  Check it out on YouTube and below, I am really pleased with it. 

I have also ordered the proofs of the final final copies of Knightfall and they should come start of next week hopefully, then I can finally offer it for sale in paperback.  I think I have managed to get it down to £6.99, a fairly standard price for paperback on amazon in seems.  I don't really make any money, and the size is unusual for the UK market (6x9 inches) but Createspace suggested that it offered maximum distribution channels in that size.  I guess I will wait and see.  I intend to buy some copies anyway and send them to various outlets for review, as well as offering a promotion on Goodreads.

I got some more writing done today and I need to get a lot done tomorrow and Friday morning if I can, before Dead Island - Riptide takes over my life, assuming it comes from amazon in time.  If not, there's always next week!

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