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Friday, 19 April 2013

A Knight off

I realised something today.  I am approximately 40k words into book two (Darkest Before Dawn) and every chapter has been one difficult experience for my characters after another.  Really, not one of them have had anything good happen, it's all conflict and strife and heartache.  What I also know is that things are only going to get worse for them as the story goes on, which seems typical of my writing. 

I'm sure that says a lot about me, probably things that I don't want to know!

I promise, my next book will be about unicorns and rainbows and puppies all singing and dancing and having fun together.  Or maybe not.

Anyway, after this revelation, I decided to do something about, and that something was writing my characters a night off!  They get to have a few drinks, talk about anything but their problems and hopefully even get to have a good time.  I hope they enjoy tonight, because tomorrow is going to be hell....

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