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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Better writing day!

Better day today, been sat at the computer for about five hours and managed 1023 words.  That might not sound like that many (or maybe it does, how would I know!) but I think that they're 'good words' if that makes sense to anyone.  On a really good day, I manage between 2-3000 words but a lot of it depends on the scene or scenes that I'm writing.  Today was a clandestine discussion between Alexander and Larson that sets up events for the second half of the novel.  Where book one was a journey in more ways than one, book two is very much a city under siege with a resistance group trying to hold an enemy at bay. Will see how it all works out I suppose.
If anyone out there has read book one and wants to be part of the proof reading and critical evaluation of book two, please comment here at the blog or contact me through my website at

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