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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nothing can stop me now 'cause I just don't care anymore!

A motto to live by?

Just picked my step-son up from his Saturday club and was sat outside in the car listening to Nine Inch Nails - what an amazing band!

Managed some more writing today, one section left to finish in chapter 4 and then I need to decide what happens next.

The way I write, I have a general overview of the story and I know the arcs for the principal characters, but a lot of the finer detail I work out when I get to a particular scene.  Chapter five will have 8 or 9 separate 'scenes' and I will plan them all out when I have finished chapter four, knowing where people are and where they need to get to for the next part of the story.  I've managed to write my way into a few holes that way, but then there's the fun on resolving it, which can add a whole new and unexpected layer to a story.

Was hoping to go play airsoft tomorrow but I checked the bank and 'computer said no' so I'll see if it looks any better next weekend.  At least I have Dr Who to watch later - I am so looking forward to rose coming back in November!

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