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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Light - Book 3 of The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight

I have started book 3 this week, and I've just finished writing the prologue (there is a prologue at the start of book 2 as any reader will find out in just a few weeks hopefully - just waiting to get it back from the editor).  The prologue for book 3 tells the back story for two important characters and adds a bit more depth to their motivations and the choices they will make in book 3.

It's so exciting to be progressing like this.  I need to sit down and properly map out book 3, but it will conclude he story of Alexander and the war.  I hope people like the way it ends.  There are still some big scenes to come and the odd revelation, but I hope it all ties the three books together into a whole.

We'll see!

Off to the gym now, do some exercise to try and shed some blubber.  Then maybe a little bit of Borderlands when I get back, I am really struggling to kill the third incarnation of the Handsome Sorcerer!

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