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Thursday, 4 July 2013

More book related news

Two big bits of book related news today.  First of all, I have finished chapter 10 and hit the 300 page mark (with a word count of 89K), so only two more chapters to go.  I am still on track to have the first draft finished by the end of July, so fingers crossed.

The second bit of news is that I have finally told the world where Ben is and the general rules that govern his new world.  This is in response to a request from a reviewer (who gave me 4 out of 5 stars - check out the review here  When I say I have told the world, what this means is that I posted a new page on my website detailing Ben's world, the experiment, and how the mechanics of his new world work.  Now, according to Google analytics, no one has visited my site.


Not even me?

So the world will neither realise or care, but if for some reason you wanted to check it out, click here

Also, for your amusement, here is the latest of the maps I have drawn.  This is the last map I will draw for book 2, the last city that Ben visits on his travels before the dramatic climax (dun duun DUUUUUN!).

Here it is

As always, comment are appreciated, so please feel free to add your thoughts below.  And if you have any more questions about Knightfall, its characters or the world, please do ask.  I like to pretend that people are interested....

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  1. I know that I visited the site, so the counter is definitely glitching or something!