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Monday, 22 July 2013

Murder Mystery Weekend

Just back from a fantastic weekend away for my birthday.  We went to Cardiff on Saturday, spent the day going around the city (but didn't have enough time to do the Dr Who Experience, so we are going again in a few weeks to do just that!), and the night at a murder mystery dinner.

I've never done anything like it before and I didn't know what to expect.  I must say though, it was fab!  There were 7 actors and a narrator, and in between dinner courses they acted out scenes to set up the characters.  Then after the main course, there was another scene before the body was discovered, and after desert we were able to question everybody and look at the props and piece the clues together.  I had a fantastic time, trying to solve the murder.

I tried to channel my inner Jessica Fletcher (from Murder She Wrote - all you youngsters out there will need to Google it I guess).  In the end, even though we solved a lot of the clues, we got the murderer wrong, but it didn't matter, everybody had a great time.  After an hour of questioning, the actors showed the final scene where the murderer was revealed and the clues explained to explain it all.  It really was so easy when they explained it....

On the topic of Jessica Fletcher, is she the most prolific serial killer ever to appear on TV or what?  Even Dexter Morgan has nothing on her body count.  Every week, she'd go to a wedding or visit some friends for a weekend, and one or more people would die.  The police never had her as a suspect, and only said thank you very much when she said 'They did it!'.  Her only qualifications were that she wrote murder mysteries, a job where all the time she is thinking about ways to kill people and fool the cops to make a good story!  Why did people keep inviting her to places???  Did they want her to kill their friends and family members?  Did she do it on commission?????

Anyway, rant over, but if you meet a kindly old woman called Jessica Fletcher on a trip somewhere, don't turn your back on her and sleep with one eye open....

Sunday we went to Bath and wen around the old Roman baths there (the only baths in England fed from a natural hot spring).  It was incredible, almost 2000 years old and still so much of the original architecture is visible.  Well worth a trip.  We didn't have time to do the Jane Austin Museum, so we'll be going back to Bath again too.

Back to writing today, back to book 3, and more of Alexander having fun with his torture devices....

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