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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Struggling with book 3

Just a quick post today, a look at my process and how I am trying to sort out a detailed plan of where I go next.  I finished chapter 2 yesterday and then started chapter 3, putting me about 25k words into book 3 of the Benjamin Knight series (new Light).  Chapter 3 is planned out nicely, but it was when I started to map out chapter 4 that I ran into a 'wall'. 

I know where the characters are, and I know where they are later in the story, but how they get there just wouldn't come!  Hence me spending yesterday and today scribbling notes on bits of paper, brainstorming ideas and eventually drawing a timeline map of the major characters and where they go and what they do from one day to the next. 

It's huge. 

Seriously, it covers one wall of my office.

Look (but beware SPOILERS!)

And just the top

With maps and charts and working out how to convert knots into mph, I think I finally have an idea of how book 3 will pan out.  Of course, it's still fluid and most of the detail will come out in the writing, but now scenes are linked into chapters and no one does a 1000 mile journey in a matter of hours or anything daft.  Everyone gets to where they need to be when they need to get there.

Let's hope it's still worth reading when I'm finished!


  1. I love your wall outlines! As soon as I build my office I'm going to hang a large dry-erase board for storyboarding!

    1. I would love one, but for now I will stick with lots of pieces of A4 selotaped together....