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Monday, 10 March 2014

New Light is Done!

Just a short note to my readers and followers!

New Light (Book 3 in The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight) is finished.  I have gone through it and reduced it from its 126,554 first draft to its 112,262 word final draft.  It is now in the hands of a beta reader, making sure that it makes sense (hopefully!), before it goes off to my editor and proof reader to make it ready for release.

I am hoping to have it available late March/early April on Amazon Kindle and a few days later in paperback.

If anyone is interested in a free Advanced Review Copy (ARC) please drop me a line or comment on this post.  At present, it will be in its unedited format, but I'm happy to give them out later if you'd prefer.

Anyway, having a few days off playing South Park - The Stick Of Truth before I start on my next project!

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