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Sunday, 21 September 2014

X-Calibur book 2

Been hard at work on the second book in my new X-Calibur series. This follows on from book one, approximately 8 months later with the arrival of some unwelcome visitors! Battle ensues and results in our fresh-faced knights taking Merlin's advice, sending them on a planet hopping quest in search of allies...
I am about half way through my first draft, and I thought I would share a proposed cover for this book, titled The Descent!

What do people think?

The bulk of the story takes place on a frozen ice world, or at least some way beneath its surface (hence the title!). And, by having the sword on the cover, I am essentially putting it on every cover from now on. What are people's thoughts on that? Votes for the first cover were overwhelmingly SWORD, so is that still the case?

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