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Friday, 18 April 2014

Alkaline Trio at Nottingham Rock City 17/4/2014

Wow. What a night! They were awesome, absolutely incredible.

To start, the two warm up bands.

1. The Murder Burgers
Not bad at all, sounded a little like early Green Day stuff. Would consider an album to hear more of them.

2. Bayside

Good too, old fashioned rock/metal. Lead guitarist was amazing, such talent and a lot of solos to show it off. Sick, sick, sick was a great, standout track by them.

The main event!

Alkaline Trio

Just incredible. What a great mix of new tracks.

1. This Could Be Love
2. Hell Yes
3. She Lied To The FBI
4. Every Thug Needs A Lady
5. Cringe
6. I Wanna Be A Warhol
7. I'm Only Here To Disappoint
8. Jacked On Green Beers
9. Sadie
10. Balanced On A Shelf
11. Dine, Dine My Darling
12. Mr Chainsaw
13. Time To Waste
14. Young Lovers
15. Stupid Kid
16. Warbrain

Encore (and really, two of my all time favourite tracks, by any band, ever? The whole place went crazy!)

17. Private Eye (I don't have to quit doing f**ked up sh*t for anyone but me)
18. Radio (shaking like a dog sh*tting razor blades)

So much energy, just a great, great performance. Loved every minute of it, and my voice is so hoarse today I don't know how they do it night after night. If only they'd played Mercy Me and I Lied My Face Off it would have been the perfect set.

Here's hoping I get to see them again soon.

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