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Monday, 27 January 2014

Chapter 8 is done!

Another milestone met, another reason to celebrate!

Chapter 8 of New Light is finished!  By my calculations, I have another four chapters to go (and an epilogue, but it's very short), until the entire novel is done and dusted!  Chapter 8 is of particular note as it is the chapter in which Ben works out where he is and what is going on!

I took three stabs at the first draft of that scene, so I hope people like it.  If not, let me know why!  Still eager for the feedback here, people, just so you know.

In other news, I have also been preparing an experiment which I will be discussing at a later date, once I have some results.  It's a literary experiment (sort of), as you would expect from my blog about writing and such, so stay tuned!

Oh, also, I passed an English and Maths exam last week, proving that I am not a total dunce.  I scored lowest on my grammar, as I'm sure my editor can attest to!  That's one more step on my road to teacher training, so here's hoping I get called for an interview.

If only my novels would pay my bills....

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