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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lincoln Stone Festival

Had an amazing day today, went to the Lincoln Stone Festival at Lincoln Cathedral.  Stone masons (both qualified and apprentice) come from all over the world to create pieces of art which are then auctioned off for charity - this year they made over £50,000!

We bid for a piece that my wife fell in love with.  She is a cardiac (heart attack) nurse and also doing a floristry degree in her spare time, and when we saw this piece she had to have it.

I am pleased to say that we won at the auction and I get to bring this home tomorrow!  If there are pictures of some of the other pieces available online, do check them out, the stone masons are truly amazing at what they do.  I took a few pictures when we were going round and I will post them another day (probably tomorrow) when I get them off my phone.

Will be back writing tomorrow, I have three chapters to do (bringing the total to 12) and the first draft of book 2 is done.

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